Tarleton Junior Faculty Research Featured in CEE Event


STEPHENVILLE — The 2021-2022 Tarleton State University Faculty Scholarship Cohort from the Center for Educational Excellence will present its final research findings in a Zoom presentation at noon Thursday, March 17.

Participants from the junior faculty have engaged in an immersive cohort learning about scholarship, developed a scholarship agenda, and engaged in evidence-based research within their discipline.

Presenters include Dr. Stan Korotchenko, Assistant Professor, Department of Criminal Justice; Dr. Bailee Sawyer, Director of Nutrition Science and Assistant Professor, Department of Medical Laboratory Sciences, Public Health and Nutrition Science; Dr. Sotirios Diamantas, Assistant Professor, Department of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering; Dr. Nicole Hurless, Assistant Professor, Department of Counseling; Dr. Ronald Rhone, Assistant Professor, Department of Educational Leadership and Technology; and Dr. Anthony Edwards, Assistant Professor, Department of Educational Leadership and Technology, and Director of Tarleton Online.

To attend go to https://tarleton.zoom.us/j/7424529088 or scan the QR code on posted flyers.

Contact Dr. Amber Harris Bozer, Director of Faculty Scholar Development, at bozer@tarleton.edu.

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