TexasBank donates $100,000 to local fire relief efforts through James and Dorothy Doss Foundation


TexasBank recently announced $100,000 has been donated to area fire relief efforts through the James and Dorothy Doss Foundation.  Of that amount, $50,000 is being given to the Texas Big Country Red Cross Home Fire Relief Fund and then another $50,000 is being distributed among Volunteer Fire Departments in Brown, Comanche, Eastland, Erath and Parker Counties. 

“Community banks are engrained in the fabric of the communities that we serve,” said Greg Dodds, Regional President and Chief Lending Officer at TexasBank.  We are not just your bankers, we are your friends, your neighbors and your family so when devastation like this occurs it hits home. We are appreciative to our ownership and the Foundation for offering their support of those impacted by the recent fires through such a significant contribution to the Texas Big Country Red Cross Home Fire Relief Fund.  

In addition to the needed relief for those victims, the risk for additional fires remains high in almost every county in our markets.  Consequently, the importance of Volunteer Fire Department funding has never been more urgent. TexasBank hopes this gift can inspire other community leaders to donate funds for truck repairs, gear, department supplies, and other necessary items needed to fight fires threatening our neighbors. We recognize, it is during times of crisis like this it is imperative that we work together and contribute whatever we can to lend a helping hand.  Together, we are TexasStrong!

Over the past several weeks, the Texas Big Country Chapter of the American Red Cross has been providing emergency response relief including disaster assessments, emergency firefighting supplies and response vehicles and assistance to victims to those counties in its region who have been ravaged by wildfires.  The bulk of these fires have occurred in Eastland County but there have been other large fires in Brown, Coleman and Taylor Counties as well.  Once disaster assessments and initial recovery efforts are made, their efforts will be turning toward case management and awarding financial assistance for victims to begin walking them through the process of beginning to rebuild their lives.

“We are so grateful to TexasBank along with the James and Dorothy Doss Foundation for their generous support of our Home Fire Relief Program,” Robyn Flores, Executive Director for the Texas Big Country Chapter of the American Red Cross, said. “Our chapter has recently been hit hard by wildfires in the area. Partners like these ensure we are able to fulfill our mission of preventing & alleviating human suffering in the face of emergencies. “ 

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