Barefoot Buddies Camp held in Stephenville


Barefoot Volleyball Club has begun hosting adaptive volleyball camps for special need athletes in the surrounding community. 

The organization decided to offer all kiddos and “differently-abled” a chance to participate and play volleyball this summer when they realized the need for an adaptive camp in the area. 

“We have been overwhelmed with the local support and interest in the program and are so proud and honored to do it,” said Kristin Smith.

The summer camp started with 7 athletes and quickly grew to 15 in a matter of weeks.  Each athlete is paired with a Barefoot Buddie who works one-on-one with them to guide them through the volleyball stations. Smith said the group works on all basic volleyball skills including ball handling, passing, setting, hitting, agility, balance, teamwork, and serving.  Each volleyball station has a station runner and is stocked with optional equipment to adapt to the athletes needs as they progress around the gym. 

They have a drink and snack break in the middle of camp and then right after, the athlete can decide what station they enjoyed the most and head back for more.  Parents, grandparents, siblings, and friends are encouraged to come sit back, relax and watch everyone have fun.  The Barefoot Buddies take care of everything.

“It has been so great getting to know our little Buddies and their families,” Smith said, “and we can’t wait to see them again this month for more.”

For more information about the camp and even more photos of Barefoot Buddies in action, please check out their Facebook page at

If you’re interested in participating in Barefoot Buddies, please check out our website at or call Coach Kristin Smith 254-485-2471.


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