Tarleton Experience Drives Commencement Speaker as Graduation Nears


STEPHENVILLE — Emily Verret’s two-pronged commencement address will emphasize how Tarleton State University truly reflects its core values and how struggles can create a bond with fellow students.

Emily’s speech will highlight the 3 p.m. graduation ceremony Dec. 9 at Memorial Stadium.

“Tarleton’s core values of integrity, respect and excellence really came out in my time here. And we all face struggles in college,” she said. “Some struggles may be harder than others, but we all face them, and we have to rely on people and thank those who helped us get through those tough times.”

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Emily Verret

Emily’s personal struggles came in the form of health issues her freshman year. “I wouldn’t have been able to get through it without the help I received from people at Tarleton,” she said.

A graduate in Needville High School’s 2018 class, she toured the campus thinking she wanted to teach high school agriculture. That tour was all it took to persuade her to become a Tarleton Texan majoring in animal science. She already was aware of Tarleton’s standing among ag educators.

“It was a really good fit when I visited,” she said. “It felt like home. It was a small town but a big-college feel at the same time. It was exactly what I was looking for. It really got the wheels turning.”

While planning a career, she had an opportunity to expand her educational horizons. She became involved in undergraduate research, working with the animal nutrition team and eventually leading her own study. 

“l learned a lot from that experience. It made me recognize my passion for animal nutrition. Eventually, I want to become a nutrition consultant for beef cattle.”

With a slightly altered career path, she sees graduation as bittersweet.

“I’m going to be very sad to leave, but I’m excited for the future. I’ll miss the animal science department, a lot. I made some close friends and really got involved. We kind of became a family — my family five hours away from home. Being able to connect with the faculty and staff and the students made being away from home a lot easier.

“It was a great college experience.”

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