Tarleton Launches Dual Enrollment Program for Texas High School Students


STEPHENVILLE — Tarleton State University has started a dual enrollment program for Texas high school students who seek to challenge themselves and accelerate their college preparation.  

Through the program, Tarleton Today, students will earn credit for classes in agricultural and STEM areas while completing their high school graduation requirements. Credits apply directly for Tarleton undergraduates and can transfer to other four-year universities in Texas. 

Classes will begin in the fall. School districts can start signing up later this spring.

“Tarleton Today strengthens our commitment to educational attainment for all Texans, especially those from rural and underrepresented populations,” said Tarleton President James Hurley. “It gives academically ambitious high school students in the state the ability to experience the rigors and expectations of college. This program will further develop our district high school partnerships across Texas.” 

Participating students will take university courses over a traditional school year, with their high school teachers delivering all high school content and a Tarleton professor delivering the university content. Tarleton will provide professional development to enhance the high school teachers’ content knowledge. 

“We are excited to launch Tarleton Today as a new way to serve high school students in our state,” said Dr. Jolena Waddell, Tarleton Associate Provost and Associate Vice President for Student Success and Academic Achievement. “This program is an innovative way to meet high school students where they are and create pathways of opportunities for all students.”

Dual enrollment classes will use the same syllabus, textbooks, homework assignments and grading criteria as classes taught at a Tarleton campus. Students who continue their college education at Tarleton automatically qualify for additional scholarships and grants, reducing the cost of earning a Tarleton degree.  

For more information, contact Dr. Waddell at 254-968-9462 or jwaddell@tarleton.edu

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