Letters to the Editor


Dear Editor and Stephenville voters,

As a current City Council member I would like to publicly give my full support to Maddie Smith.  I have known her for almost ten years and in that time I saw on daily basis as my neighbor that she is one of the hardest working people you will ever meet.  She is a great wife and mom all while working full-time and volunteering.  She and I served on the Athletic Booster Club together where she is President, a position she volunteered for even though her children were not even old enough to benefit. 

I appreciate that to prepare she has come to Council meetings, spent time with department heads and Chiefs of both police and fire.  She has been open to hearing concerns and been completely forthcoming in her plans to be a part of helping the residents of Stephenville. 

Her opponent has said the current council is not representative of the citizens of Stephenville and I agree as only 11% is female.   As the only female, I think the citizens deserve a more well-rounded Council. 

City Council is a lot of work and the residents of Stephenville deserve to have a member that is prepared for that challenge.   So I ask that you join me in voting for Maddie Smith for Place 5. 

LeAnn Durfey
City Council Place 1

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