Election Day results for local school boards, city council


Flash staff report
May 7, 2023

Election Day is over and the Erath County Elections office has posted the unofficial results. They will remain unofficial until they are canvased and approved by the council and school boards. 

A total of 1,341 registered voters, or 5.48%, cast their ballots in the election.

In the Stephenville City Council election, unopposed candidates were LeAnn Duffey, Place 1; Lonn Reisman, Place 3; and Brandon Greenhaw, Place 7. Maddie Smith and Justin Slawson faced off in a race for Place 5, with Smith coming out ahead. A total of 876 votes were cast for the Place 5 race. Smith received 592 (67.58%) and Slawson received 284 (32.42%).

In the Stephenville ISD Board of Trustees election, Donny Hill ran unopposed for Place 7, while Rita Cook and Ben McCleery ran against one another for Place 6. Cook received 490 votes (43.17%) and McCleery received 645 votes (56.83%) for a total of 1,135 votes. McCleery won the seat. 

In the Dublin ISD Board of Trustees election, residents choose two of three candidates for places and cast a total of 310 ballots in this race. Blanca Martineau received 104 votes (33.55%), Ryan Mitchell received 108 votes (34.84%) and William Rodriguez received 98 votes (31.61%). Mitchell and Martineau won the seats. 


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