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Dear Stephenville residents,

It is our pleasure to express our support for Alan Nix, Candidate, Place 8, on the Stephenville City Council. Alan is a true leader and upon election, will serve as your voice on the council. Your vote is so important in electing the candidate who best represents your interest and financial obligation while navigating future plans during this period of extensive growth. Stephenville is growing rapidly and this is largely due to the growth of Tarleton State University and our city’s economic development. With the growth of our city, our council will face many difficult decisions and these challenges will have to be addressed.

Alan’s experience is desperately needed on our city council. Aside from the mayor, Alan will bring 18 years of service to the city council, which is more than all remaining council members’ years of service combined when the new term begins. Whether you agree with term limits or not, the limits have impaired our city by losing experience and long-term commitment in service. Thankfully, Alan was willing to return and serve this community with the same integrity, time commitment, stored knowledge and financial stewardship he has always displayed.

It is so important to have a council that represents us as individual taxpayers and the business owners in our community by prioritizing expenditures on streets, sewer, water, police and fire along with city employee pay scale, retention, recruitment and benefits. Alan has publicly expressed he remains committed to these priorities and will do his part to be accountable.

Having followed, attended or watched city council meetings consistently for the past 20 years, we have initiated many conversations with council members. Alan has always listened intently and acknowledged receiving our questions with careful consideration. No matter how he weighs his vote, we appreciate and value his expertise and his fair approach to solutions. How fortunate we are as a city to have an opportunity to vote for Alan Nix for Stephenville City Council, Place 8.

Mark & Keri Wallace

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