Letters to the Editor


Dear SISD Voters,

I met Magan Estill in 2013 when I was a young college student just beginning a career in early childhood education at Faith School, where Magan was the director. At the time, I also had a child enrolled in Faith School. Now, more than 10 years later, I am the Director of Faith School, and I have three children of my own who are Faith School alumni.

In the 10 years, I have learned countless professional and parenting skills from Magan. Among the most important of these skills are holding people accountable with grace and mercy; managing classrooms with confidence and ease; and incorporating brain-based learning into curriculum. My three kids now attend Stephenville Independent School District, and my long personal and professional experience with Magan tells me, without a doubt, that she is the right person for our school board. She will always prioritize our students, she will be an advocate and resource for our teachers, and she will fight for our community.

Thank you,
Lauren Johnson
Faith School Director

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