May 20, 2018

Letter to the Editor

To the Editor,

You love Stephenville and so do we!  We all care about one another and this makes Stephenville such a great place to work and live. About ten years ago, we started following and participating in city politics. We began regularly attending city council meetings and workshops.  Watching from the sidelines, you see more than what is on the camera, in the news or in the minutes.  We see council members who care deeply and disagree passionately.  We see conservative council incumbents Doug Svien, Rhett Harrison and Sherry Zachery research and study issues, carefully weighing decisions for what is best for all of us. They each vote with conservative guided principles and never cast a vote without pause.  They speak up when it isn’t popular or perhaps agreed with by the majority.  They have been publicly chastised for speaking out against the wishes of some.   While the challengers of these places have the same interest, there is no reason to replace these three incumbents.  The challengers of these seats are good folks who are well-meaning and I have nothing but respect for their wanting to better our town in a way they feel is best.  This should not be made into a personal issue.  It is time for the majority of voters to use their voice by casting a vote for Stephenville to remain in conservative hands by voting for Svien, Harrison and Zachery.

Nick Robinson has challenged Place 1 incumbent, Mark McClinton. Knowing Nick Robinson for years, it only took us a few seconds from a visit by him to enthusiastically stand behind him and offer our support.  While we have no personal issues with Mr. McClinton, we watched meeting after meeting and his votes are neither conservative nor what we feel is in the best interest of all citizens. He never votes against the wishes of city hall. Only on rare occasion do we agree with his vote. We watched as Mr. McClinton voted and missed the opportunity to lower our property tax rate the last two years. Now a half cent may not sound like much to a few, but when it could have been lowered without a financial deficit, it becomes a matter of principle.  It could have been lowered for all the years the rates were raised for no other reason than putting more money into the city budget for expenditures. With SEDA’s anticipated success, the city’s property and sales tax revenues will hopefully continue to increase.  Our city will systematically grow in a manageable way with proper long-term planning.

We encourage you to vote for these conservative candidates who will represent you best.

Place 1, Nick Robinson, is an experienced local business manager with conservative values, trustworthiness and common sense. Nick will apply these values when making decisions for us.

Place 3, Doug Svien serves us with financial expertise that is unparalleled. Doug will continue to serve our city with honesty, integrity, tenacity and years of experience.

Place 5, Rhett Harrison serves our city as one of the most conservative members on the council.  Voting for Rhett, you are choosing the candidate who will best guard your tax dollars.

Place 7, Sherry Zachery brings a wealth of experience as a successful local business for over three decades. The experience and acquired wisdom she brings is unmatched.

It’s your money, your future and your choice. Mark your ballot and make a positive difference.

Mark & Keri Wallace

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