Letters to the Editor

Demolish old Buildings?
I own the approximate 2.2 acres of land that adjoins the City Museum (sort of across the street from Jake & Dorothy’s, at 505 E. Washington). It has on it an old two-story red brick building (bad condition) and two old “dilapidated” buildings that were once motel rooms.
I have had builders and an architect look at them for possible preservation. I applied to the Texas Historical Association for a “historically significant” designation and was denied.
I don’t like destroying old buildings, but it seems to me these are not worth rehabilitating, and I am considering leveling them.
If anyone has any ideas about them I will be glad to listen before I make a final decision in the next few days.
Thank you, 
Boyd Waggoner 


  1. I think considering their condition it would be best to tear them down. I wish the museum owned the land so the land could be used for parking.

  2. The land is worth a lot of money. I would tear it down and either build something new or sell the land so someone else could. Old dilapidated buildings are just a place for people to possible get injured and are an eyesore.

  3. There are a lot of old memories from that building. I think if it is at all possible, you should restore! It is historical and so many of the old places are being tore down instead of rebuilt. My personal opinion is I would like to see it rebuilt. You should check all the comments about it on facebook. Many others see it the same as I do.

  4. I am usually adamant about saving old buildings, but these are in great disrepair. Perhaps a stipulation in the sale could be that a new building must conform to the integrity of other downtown buildings. For instance, I think Dr. Vanden Burge’s new offices are an appealing alternative to the old tin feed store they replaced.

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