Dublin EMS to get new ambulance, continue looking into annexation




DUBLIN (January 13, 2015) — Dublin EMS has dealt with being one unit down for a while now, but not for much longer. Monday night in the Dublin City Council meeting, members heard from Mayor David Leatherwood, who has researched the most cost-effective way to repair or replace the ambulance that is out of commission.

For several months Leatherwood has reported working with area dealerships in an attempt to find a used unit that could be outfitted with what Dublin EMS needs. After further research, Leatherwood said he discovered a used 2011 unit that, with the cost of outfitting, would cost approximately $5,000 less than a brand new unit and outfitting.

“Having to remount the used unit and get it ready for use by our EMS would cost almost as much as outfitting a new unit that I found in Comanche,” Leatherwood said. “This way we will have the working unit they have now, plus the new unit. And I spoke to the county, they’ve offered to allow us one of their units for free until our new unit comes in, should we opt to do so.”

A motion was made and approved for the purchase of a 2015 unit and outfitting from Professional Ambulance Company, out of Alvarado and Comanche, for $71,382.

Dublin council members also approved City Administrator Nancy Wooldridge to gather information about beginning the process of annexation in several directions around the city limits. For years, various council members have discussed the possibility of annexing land toward the Dublin Secondary Campus since the city provides city services that direction while those residents do not pay city taxes. However, that was not the only direction this council told Wooldridge to look.

“I think we need to look at the benefits of annexing property toward the new loop and Allsups,” said alderman Jimmy Leatherwood. “I know we can only go a half mile with each annexation, and that will only put us at the door, but that can be our next step, and with the loop the town will grow that way.”

Others agreed with Leatherwood, but they weren’t done. Alderman John Johnson said if the city council is talking about annexing property, they need to look at the possibility of annexing property along Preston Lane. Alderman Bobby Mendez said he believed looking into annexing land east of the city along State Highway 6 was “a move we definitely need to make.”

Wooldridge said she would look into all options the council brought up and would have more information on annexation at the next regular meeting.

In other business, as previously reported on The Flash (here), Mayor Leatherwood appointed a four-person committee to look into the 37 applicants for Dublin Police Chief. The position, which is currently being filled by Sgt. Bennie Noel as interim, was left open when pervious chief Shawn Fullagar took a position with Plano ISD.

Mayor David Leatherwood appointed Jimmy Leatherwood, Bobby Mendez, Darrell Curry and Layne Golden to the search committee. They will present information on the applicants they believe should be included in the decision.

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