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Commissioners deal with residents dumping in the county



ERATH COUNTY (February 7, 2015) — Commissioner Joe Brown is frustrated.


“We’ve got to figure out a better way,” he said Saturday morning. “People are dumping their junk along the side of the county roads and in our creeks – and that’s our drinking water you’re polluting. We (the county) have to go out there and pick all that up. If we find out who’s doing it, we’ll be pressing charges.”

Brown and his Erath County crew spent the better part of Friday picking up other people’s trash – mostly tires – that had been dumped along three different county roads in his precinct, but they could have come from anywhere in the county. He and the crew used two pickups, a trailer and an excavator to remove 30 tires, two televisions, tackle boxes, broken fishing poles and more trash from the three locations. Luckily, he found an excavator for sale nsw so he bought that to help move the rubbish.

tires 1

“It’s so aggravating because we have so many other things to be worrying about, but I have to spend county money, county time and county equipment to clean up after other people,” Brown said. “I just want to leave this place a little better than when I found it, and I can’t imagine why other people don’t seem to want to do the same.”

While the rest of the junk was put at the county barn to be disposed of later, Brown hauled the tires to Andy’s Tire Service on Graham Street in Stephenville. Total cost of disposing the tires was $98.30 (approximately $3 per tire), plus the cost of vehicle maintenance and employee pay.

tires 3

“I want people to be accountable for their actions and to take care of the county,” he concluded. “It’s a part of everyone’s job to take care of this beautiful country we live in. And people around here aren’t doing their part.”


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