Tarleton students to participate in National Survey of Student Engagement


STEPHENVILLE (February 20, 2015) — Freshmen and senior-level students at Tarleton State University are invited to complete the National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE) to provide feedback about the nature and quality of their undergraduate experience.

For the eighth time since 2001, Tarleton first-year and senior students will be asked to participate in the NSSE, which will be administered to freshmen in their respective residential living-learning halls and to seniors via online format. The survey, which takes approximately 40-50 minutes to complete, will be conducted Feb. 23 through March 22.

Invitations to seniors selected to participate and the link to the online survey will be delivered to the students’ email accounts on Monday, Feb. 23 from the Office of Institutional Research and Effectiveness. Residential leaders in each of Tarleton’s residential facilities will provide paper copies of the survey to their respective first-year students.

Administered by Indiana University, the survey collects students’ perceptions on the level of academic engagement, faculty interactions and the campus environment. The NSSE provides the most comprehensive measures of effective practices in undergraduate education, which includes data from more than 2 million students at approximately 1,300 colleges and universities.

“The NSSE provides us with a student perspective of how well we provide academic engagement opportunities to them,” said Dr. Michael Haynes, Tarleton’s executive director of institutional research. “Participation in the NSSE not only allows us to track Tarleton’s first and fourth-year students’ levels of academic satisfaction and engagement, but also provides benchmarks to other colleges and universities. Understanding these perspectives is critical in maximizing the Tarleton experience for our students.”

The survey’s goal is to help determine students’ perceptions about the frequency and quality of interaction with faculty in the classroom, using student services as well as academic advising—and what Tarleton is doing well and areas that can be improved, explained Haynes. “This is the students’ opportunity to give us their honest feedback to make Tarleton what they expect it to be.”

To learn more about the National Survey of Student Engagement, visit www.nsse.iub.edu.

For more information about Tarleton’s Office of Institutional Research and Effectiveness, visitwww.tarleton.edu/institutionalresearch.

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