Dublin Council all but set without election



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DUBLIN (March 3, 2015) — Without holding an election, the Dublin City Council seats are almost filled, with all but one of the incumbents running for re-election unopposed. And they all agree with Dublin Mayor David Leatherwood, who said earlier this year that unfinished business on the council was the reason he was running again.

According to Rhonda Williams, Dublin City Secretary, who handles the election details, only the incumbent in Ward 3 has a challenger. And he’s one with experience.

Tommy Sperry, who spent several years sitting on a seat in Ward 3, was defeated in the last election by David Zinck. Now, he and Zinck will face off again for the chance to help lead the city. Both men have said they have goals on the council that haven’t been completed and they’re both hoping for a chance to see those goals through.

After being asked by residents in his ward to run again, and being the community-minded person he is, Sperry said he decided to run. He will be up against Zinck, who has served on the council since 2013 when he beat Sperry for the seat.

Zinck said he would be running again to continue the success he feels like the city council has been striving toward over the past few years. He was elected in the same election as Dublin Mayor David Leatherwood and John Johnson (Ward 1).

Both Leatherwood and Johnson are unopposed, as are Bobby Mendez and Melvin “Mac” McMullen. The four incumbents will not be in the election as they have no opponents, but the city will still hold an election for the seat in Ward 3 on Saturday, May 9, 2015.


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