Routh attorney files for new trial, appeal all in same day



ERATH COUNTY (March 3, 2015) — Exactly one week since receiving a guilty verdict, Eddie Ray Routh’s attorneys have filed for a new trial and filed for an appeal.

Routh was convicted of capital murder in the shooting deaths of Chad Littlefield and his friend, American Sniper Chris Kyle, at the shooting range at Rough Creek Lodge on February 2, 2013. His trial brought major national media attention to Erath County for most of February.

Routh’s trial defense worked on convincing an Erath County jury he was insane at the time of the murders and couldn’t tell the difference between right and wrong. Both Routh’s sanity and the definition of wrong were highly debated during the trial. However, Erath County District Attorney Alan Nash and Assistant Attorney General Jane Starnes were able to convince the jury Routh understood and was attempting to take advantage of the system.

According to Routh’s appeal attorney, Wendy St. John, who filed both motions in appellate court Tuesday, no date has been set to hear either motion.

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