Still looking for a new chief in Dublin



DUBLIN (March 9, 2015) — City officials in Dublin are still searching for a new leader for their police department.

Mayor David Leatherwood said the council had it narrowed down to one, but he passed on the job due to personal reasons. Leatherwood had hopes of approving a chief during the February meeting, but was unable to do so. He said the finalist was contacted, but declined.

“We were trying to get the position filled by the St. Patrick’s Celebration, but that didn’t happen,” Leatherwood said. “So, now we will go back through the applications and see what we have before moving forward.”




Former Chief Shawn Fullagar left in October 2014 for a new job with Plano ISD and Sgt. Bennie Noel took over as interim chief, something Leatherwood and City Administrator Nancy Wooldridge said was a blessing.

“As for right now, Nancy (Wooldridge), Benny (Noel) and the crew are doing a great job making it work. They’ve done a great job keeping the police department going, but we really need to get a chief,” Leatherwood said. “Benny’s been with the department for a while now, and knows how everything works. Everyone trusts him to do a good job and he’s done just that.”

At this time, Leatherwood said the item is back with the search committee and will not be on the agenda for Monday’s council meeting. The Dublin City Council will meet at 6:30 p.m. in the meeting room at Dublin City Hall Monday night.


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