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Erath County Sheriff Tommy Bryant

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It’s that time of year again. We are going to start seeing thunderstorms, damaging high winds and hail.  And along with this we are going to start seeing scam artist and disreputable people come out of the woodwork. They will want to fix your roof, sell you lightning rods, paint your house and repave your driveway.

There are a lot of established and honest business people in Erath County that do this kind of work.  In the times of high demand after a storm the scam artist will come into the county. Try to deal with people you know or that come recommended by people you know. Don’t let an unscrupulous person pressure you into doing work on your house. Never allow anyone inside your home unless someone is with you, or unless you have solicited them to work for you. Make sure you do not give them any money, check or credit card number until you have the invoice for the price of the work and the job is done. Always inspect and/or have someone you trust inspect their work. A professional is proud of his work and won’t mind waiting a reasonable time for his work to be inspected.

Remember, if someone approaches you about doing work for you, take time to research them. Don’t make any quick decisions and don’t sign anything until you are certain you have made the right choice,

If you are concerned about someone or a situation, call me at the Sheriff’s Office at 254-965-3338.

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