Flags for the 4th: Study Club to distribute 1,000 small US flags during parade

Weldon: I don't think we wave the flag enough



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STEPHENVILLE (June 27, 2014) — Patricia Weldon, mother of Stephenville mayor Kenny Weldon, doesn’t just believe Americans should spend more time proudly waving the United States flag, she’s doing something about it.

One thousand somethings, to be exact.

Weldon and the Stephenville Study Club have ordered 1,000 small US flags and will be distributing them along Washington Street from the square to Dairy Queen during the 4th of July parade that will kick off the citywide celebration next Saturday.



“I thought it would be a good idea so I brought it to the club and we voted to do it,” said Weldon Saturday morning. “We’re also going to do this for the Veteran’s Day parade.”

Why? Weldon is quick to tell you.

“I don’t think we wave the flag enough. I think we live in the most extraordinary country with the most extraordinary people and ideas, and I believe that’s what the flag reflects,” she said. “I am very proud to be an American and very proud that the red, white and blue stands for freedom and dignity and so much more. I want our young people and children to appreciate what people did to get this nation where it is today. America didn’t just happen.”


In the ordering process, Weldon said it was crucial that the flags be made in the USA.

“We were sure to find an American company that makes the flags in the USA because that only seems right,” Weldon said. “They are a gift from the Stephenville Study Club to the City of Stephenville and we are just so excited and proud to share our patriotism to help celebrate the independence of our great country.”


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