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Cinnamon (Cinny, Cinny Sue) has been with Forgotten Souls since October 31, 2012. She was rescued from the high kill shelter in Garland TX. She had around 3,000 shares and nothing. She is the inspiration for our crossposting page — Cinnamon’s Page – Pound Pittie Love on Facebook. Here’s a little more about Cinnamon:

Gender: Female

WEIGHT: around 51 lbs

HEIGHT: around 18 inches (at the shoulders) in height. (She is constantly on the move or rolled over that it is hard to get an exact number. )

VETTING: spayed, HW-, and UTD on vaccinations.

AGE: According to her papers, she is around 7 1/2 years old now. (When we got her from the shelter, they said she was 4.)

TRAINING: She is crate and house trained, and she knows the command to sit. She walks well on the leash.

Cinnamon is looking for a home in which she can be queen. She adores her people and all she wants to do is please them. She is very submissive to her people. She loves to be with her people, take walks, spend time lying next to them watching TV, etc. She is the happiest when she is with her people. She is very obedient. You tell her what you need or show her something new a few times and she’s got it. She loves peanut butter.

TYPE OF HOME NEEDED: The best type of home for Cinny would be one with adults who could dote on her and give her the attention she requires.
Cats: She need a cat free environment as she doesn’t get along with them.
Fencing: She also can jump so a 6 foot fence is needed if you plan to leave her out unattended for any period of time (we frown upon this).
Children: we recommend if any children that they be older children as Cinny is very excitable when it comes to attention and we wouldn’t want her to accidentally injure a small child. However, we feel that once in a home, and the receiving on constant attention, she would settle down.
Other Dogs: Cinny plays well with larger male dogs.



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