Contest displays high school students artistic abilities and spirit




Stephenville High School seniors have the opportunity to show their school spirit when they reserve a parking spot this year while helping support fund raising efforts for their student council.

Shelly Howle helps touch up her daughter's (Jordyn not pictured) parking space as Courtney Keating adds her own Tuesday.
Shelly Howle helps touch up her daughter’s (Jordyn not pictured) parking space as Courtney Keating adds her own Tuesday.

“We are going to have a set of impartial judges who are going to pick three winners,” student council sponsor Stacy Roeming said. “Seniors will have until Labor Day to complete their parking space. Judges will be looking for the most spirited spaces.”

Some students have stuck to the “spirit” theme while others have branched off to show their own artistic uniqueness. It certainly brightens up the high school’s parking area and gives visitors a chance to see the talent students are displaying.

Students have the option of paying $50 for their “reserved space” and are entered into the contest which can earn them $25 to $75. Not big prizes, but again the main purpose behind the contest isto raise funds for the student council and to encourage school spirit.

Interested students and parents may contact Roeming for additional information by calling the high school at 968-4141. More spaces are displayed below.


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