Ohl catches fire, Brown earns Walla Walla All-Around honor

Cody Ohl, shown at the 2014 National Finals Rodeo, is on fire lately in the tie-down roping. || Courtesy DUDLEY BARKER/DudleyDoRight.com


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(September 7, 2015) — HIco legend Cody Ohl won the tie-down roping at Sanders County Fair & PRCA Rodeo last week and leads the average entering the Labor Day final performance of the Ellensburg Rodeo.

While injuries swept away much of Ohl’s 2014 season, the 20-time National Finals Rodeo qualifier, five-time tie-down world champ and 2001 All-Around Cowboy, has spent the last couple months rocketing up to No. 32 in the world standings.

Ohl won a rodeo for the fourth time this season at the Sanders County Fair in Plains, Montana, roping and tying his calf in 7.4 seconds – eight-tenths of a second faster former Tarleton cowboy Reese Riemer, who was second – for $1,859. He also took third in the average after placing fifth and third in the rounds at the Walla Walla Frontier Days in Walla Walla, Wash., where he won a total of $3,490. Ohl pocketed another $1,201 when he tied Stephenville’s Cimarron Boardman for seventh in 8.5 seconds at the IPE and Stampede in Armstrong, British Columbia, Canada.



Ohl is waiting on the final results in Ellensburg, Wash., where he figures to have earned another significant paycheck. Entering the final performance, Ohl leads the average with 16.6 seconds on two head. He tied fifth in the first round, claiming $668 in 8.5 seconds. A faster time of 8.1 did not place in round two but put him in solid position in the average.

Billy Bob Brown earned $4,031 and the All-Around Cowboy title while tie-down roping and team roping at Walla Walla. The Stephenville header and past Tarleton star partnered with Garrett Jess to win the first round of the team roping and $1,538 in 4.4 seconds. They tied for fifth in round two and won the average with 10.1 seconds on two head.

Huckabay header Kaleb Driggers and Stephenville heeler Martin Lucero needed just 4.4 seconds to win the title at Montana’s Biggest Weekend in Dillard, Mont. Their prize was $2,554 each. The all Stephenville-tandem of header David Key and heeler Travis Woodard entered Monday leading the Lake County Round-up in Lakeview, Ore. with a time of 5.4 seconds.



Here is a rundown of the placings of local athletes at last week’s PRCA rodeos and some that end today:

Magic Valley Stampede

Filer, Idaho, September 3-5

Team roping: 2 (tie) Colby Lovell/Kory Koontz and Kaleb Driggers/Martin Lucero, 4.4, $2,630 each; 9. JoJo LeMond/Dakota Kirchenschlager, 5.0, $526.

Saddle bronc riding: 8. Isaac Diaz, 78, $239.


Sanders County Fair & PRCA Rodeo

Plains, Mont., September 4-5

Tie-down roping: 1. Cody Ohl, 7.4, $1,859; 2. Reese Riemer, 8.2, $1,617


IPE and Stampede

Armstrong, British Columbia, Canada, September 2-6

Tie-down roping: 7. (tie) Cimarron Boardman and Cody Ohl, 8.5, $1,201 each


Wall Walla Frontier Days

Walla Walla, Wash., September 4-6

All-around cowboy: Billy Bob Brown, $4,031, tie-down roping and team roping.

Team roping: First round: 1. Billy Bob Brown/Garrett Jess, 4.4, $1538; 2. (tie) David Key/Travis Woodard, 5.0, $1,140. Second round: 3. Colby Lovell/Kory Koontz, 5.2, $1,008; 5. (tie) Luke Brown/Kollin VonAhn; Billy Bob Brown/Garrett Jess, 5.7, $186.

Average: 1. Billy Bob Brown/Garrett Jess, 10.1 on two, $1,307.

Tie-down roping: First round: 5. Cody Ohl, 9.5, $556, 6. (tie) Reese riemer and Chase Williams, 9.7, $154. Second round: 1. (tie) Sterling Smith, 8.9, $1,637; 3. Cody Ohl, 9.1, $1,174.

Average: 3. Cody Ohl, 18.6 on two, $1,760; 6. (tie) Reese Riemer, 20.0, $232.

Barrell racing: 5. Shelby Herrmann, 18.18, $1,210.


Montana’s Biggest Weekend

Dillard, Mont., Sept. 5-6

Team roping: 1. Kaleb Driggers/Martin Lucero, 4.4, $2,554; 8. (tie) Luke Brown/KollinVonAhn, 5.9, $134.


Ellensburg Rodeo (IN PROGRESS)

Ellensburg, Wash., September 4-7

Bareback riding: First round: 6. (tie) Bobby Mote, 81, $383.

Team roping: First round: 2. Clay Tryan/Jade Corkill, 5.2, $2,159; 7. (tie) Colby Lovell/Kory Koontz, 5.8, $378. Second round: 2. (tie) Clay Smith/Paul Eaves, 5.0, $1,997.

Average leaders: 3. (tie) Clay Smith/Paul Eaves and Clay Tryan/Jade Corkill, 11.4; 5. Chad Masters/Travis Graves, 12.3; 6. Charly Crawford, Shay Carroll, 12.8.

Saddle bronc riding: First round: 3. Isaac Diaz, 84. $1,272.

Tie-down roping: First round: 2. Reese Riemer, 8.3, $2,568; 3. (tie) Sterling Smith, 8.4, $1,991; 5. (tie) Cody Ohl, 8.5, $668.

Average leaders: 1. Cody Ohl, 16.6 on two head.

Steer roping: First round: 1. Martin Poindexter, 12.1, $1,402.

Average: 2. Martin Poindexter, 29.7, $1,740.


Lake County Round-up (IN PROGRESS)

Lakeview, Ore., September 6-7

Team roping leaders: 1. David Key/Travis Woodard, 5.4.



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