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STEPHENVILLE (October 7, 2015) — Stephenville High School is buzzing with excitement as the Homecoming football game approaches. The court has been selected, and the Homecoming King will be revealed Friday at the Pep rally, while the Queen will be announced at halftime during the football game Friday night. The King’s court consists of Noble Alexander, Jon Clark Giddings, Kellum Harris, Conner McKinzie and Austin Wayland.

“I’m most excited for the pep rally. It will be exciting to see the student body participate,” Austin Wayland said.

The prospective Queens are Gaby Carrasco, Hannah Lindsey, Hannah Mabry, Brooke Sanderford and Ali Thorpe.

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“Knowing that so many students support us for what we do in the school is amazing!” Hannah Lindsey said.

To encourage student moral for the Yellow Jackets and Honeybees and add a little bit of fun, Student Council members designated each day this week as a spirit dress up day. StuCo’s Pride and Patriotism Committee was in charge of planning Homecoming week and choosing the dress up days.

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“Everyone just threw out a lot of suggestions. We all had to pick and choose the ones we liked the best,” StuCo member Charlie Boren said.

The dress up days are as follows: Fraternity/Sorority Day, ‘Tis the Season Tuesday (Christmas), Wicked Wednesday (supervillain), Throwback Thursday, and Blue and Gold. So, if at some point this week you see Santa Clause at Walmart or The Joker at Whataburger, you’re not going crazy, there’s just some spirited students at SHS.

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