FIGHTING FIRES: A behind the scenes look

Four departments from Erath County, Hico among at least 10 working Somervell County wildfire



SOMERVELL COUNTY (October 11, 2015) — Erath County Volunteer Fire & Rescue and volunteers from Bluff Dale, Selden and Hico were among at least 10 agencies working together to fight a wildfire in western Somervell County Sunday afternoon. Being a firefighter is one of the most intense jobs in the world. This is why simulations with Fire Training Structures are absolutely essential in providing our firefighters with the experience and confidence to tackle real-life blazes.

Erath County units were dispatched to assist Somervell County a little after 1 p.m. At that time, the fire was just off Farm to Market Road 2303, a half mile south of US Highway 67, about six miles west of Glen Rose. It grew quickly, reportedly jumping US Hwy 67 and spreading to the north.

Flash photographer and reporter Russell Huffman was on scene where an Erath County water tanker was filling trucks and supplying firefighters with bottled water. Somervell County was also working to get a pump running at this location.

A Somervell County Sheriff’s Department officer confirmed at least a half dozen homes have been affected. It was not clear what he meant by “affected.”

Texas Department of Public Safety officers were not allowing traffic through as of 4 p.m., when it was back up approximately two miles back toward Erath County.

Stick with The Flash as we work to keep readers apprised of this ongoing situation.


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