Audiologist Dr. Kaycie Muir is passionate about her work at Connect Hearing



A person only has to be around Dr. Kaycie Muir a few moments to realize she’s a people person who is deeply passionate about her field of work.

“I do love my job and there is something absolutely special seeing the face of a child who hears for the very first time, or seeing someone realize what they have been missing due to hearing loss,” Dr. Muir said

Hearing Connect and Dr. Muir recently joined the Stephenville Chamber of Commerce, which was a perfect opportunity for visitors to check out the state-of-the-art technology at their facility.

By state-of-the-art we mean stuff so high tech and new it makes Star Trek look weak. After all, if the Trekkers had been “looped” they could have done away with the communication device on their shirts – or maybe not. Users can also have a device that attaches to a collar that allows them to talk on their phones via a blue tooth device.

Dr. Kaycie Muir
Dr. Kaycie Muir

Hearing aids were once bulky devices that basically had a volume and battery replacement option. Oh, how things have changed in just the last few years.

Today’s hearing aids have become so small most users are finding people do not notice them being worn and used. At the same time today’s technology is jam packed inside new hearing aids and enable a person using them to “wifi” into a school or church’s communication system.

“It’s very frustrating for someone not to be able to hear what is going on especially if they do have hearing aids. They may be in a crowded room or gathering place when someone is speaking and they can’t make out what the speaker is saying,” Dr. Muir said. “Today’s technology can allow them to be looped into the sound system so they can clearly hear what is being said.”

The system works well enough a church goer could be helping in the nursery or other parts of the building and still be able to hear what is being said over the sound system.

It was experiences in junior high with deaf children which led Dr. Muir into her career field. First there was the learning of sign language, and as she describes, the love of what she was doing simply turned into her life’s passion.

“I found out I could fix things,” Dr. Muir said. “When I first started out they gave us a screwdriver and a couple of turns and the question can you hear better now. Now everything is computerized and this is a growing field which always ranks in the top ten professions nationally.”

Stephenville Chamber of Commerce President July Danley presents Dr. Kaycie Muir with a gift at Hearing Connect’s recent ribbon cutting.

Dr. Muir’s passion for her field of work is displayed through her willingness to speak at schools, clubs and organizations as she seeks to help students identify career choices.

Of course making people aware of the signs of hearing loss and ways to protect their hearing are also items on her agenda. It’s why Connect Hearing always offers free screenings for hearing loss.

“For parents it’s always best for them to trust their instincts because those are generally correct, and if they feel there is a problem I encourage them to come visit us,” Dr. Muir said.

Dr. Muir has seen a good bit of the world and after graduating high school in Great Falls, Montana, going to college in Arizona and later moving to Africa with her husband, Dr. Jim Muir. A career opportunity for her husband, who now works for the Texas A&M Agrilife Research and Extension Center, brought them to Stephenville.

It’s always a big moment when a business joins the Stephenville Chamber of Commerce.

“It’s wonderful to work for Hearing Connect, because I get to choose products I feel are best for my patients. I’m not limited in my capabilities to help them,” Dr. Muir said.

Hearing Connect has a variety of programs to help those with hearing loss and the public is encouraged to drop by and see how Dr. Muir may be able help. Hearing Connect is located at 1706 W South Loop in Stephenville across from Grumps.


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