Lone finalist for Dublin Chief named




DUBLIN (October 19, 2015) — Dublin has a lone finalist for chief.

After months of searching, thinking they’d found the one but not, and a few minutes in closed session, the Dublin City Council voted unanimously to hire Michael Jennings as the new Dublin Police Chief.

“Mr. Jennings comes to us with a wealth of knowledge in the field and experience with law enforcement and people management,” Dublin Mayor David Leatherwood said. “We’re very pleased to offer him the position.”

According to city records, Dublin first offered Jennings $45,000 a year salary with a vehicle, expenses and benefits. However, at that time, Jennings went to his current employer who offered a raise to keep him. Now, the council has offered $55,000 a year and expect Jennings to be in Dublin on Friday to speak with city officials.


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