Ranger College to present ‘Faces of Drunk Driving’ to students


Special to The Flash from Tommy Wells

Ranger College Public Information Officer/Sports Information Director

Ranger College will try and raise awareness to the risks of driving while impaired on Tuesday morning when it presents “When Sean Speaks” to its student body with a special presentation by Sean Carter, a former Midwestern State University student who was left permanently injured at the age of 22.

“This is a message we want to get out to our students. We don’t want a single student of ours to get hurt because of something like this,” said Dean Manuel McGriff. “It is a very powerful message that we hope will help our students understand the dangers of drinking and driving.”

A former model, Carter was left with permanent brain damage that affects his ability to walk and talk. He uses a specialized wheelchair equipped with a computer that speaks for him to get his message out. He, along with his mother, Jenny, travel around the country giving presentations to high school and college students about the life-changing dangers associated with drinking and driving.

Carter is scheduled to present his message at 10:30 a.m. on Nov. 10 in the college auditorium.

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