Breakfast of Champions at Stephenville HS

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STEPHENVILLE (November 20, 2015) – Each Friday morning at Stephenville High School there are students who make it a priority to come to Fellowship of Christian Athletes Breakfast of Champions. Starting at 7:25 a.m., students slowly trickle in and fill up the green room. Each week there is a student speaker who is followed by a local pastor. This week Freshman Lauren Beaty opened and Jeremy Pritchett, youth pastor from Valley Grove Baptist Church, closed.

    “I liked speaking, but it made me really nervous,” Beaty said. “I liked studying the topic and getting to go deeper in Numbers 13.”

    The topic this week was “Don’t Get Discouraged.” Both Beaty and Pritchett spoke on Numbers 13 and encouraged the students to keep their heads up and trust God’s strength in the face of adversity.

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     “I look forward to getting to talk to the students and speak truth into their lives,” Pritchett said.

    The varsity football team attends before going to watch film, and many other athletes and non-athletes come as well.

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    “It’s so encouraging to see so many students come out to worship and all the teachers and staff that support it,” FCA president Brooke Sanderford said.

    Although early mornings might stop some students, they don’t stop the committed students at SHS.

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