Dublin Council hears from new Police Chief, City Administrator



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DUBLIN (December 14, 2015) — Police Chief Michael Jennings gave a general report as well as an update on the police vehicles. With two new full-time employees and a reserve officer who specializes in fraud, Jennings said he hopes to have full 24-hour patrols by the end of December.

Jennings also presented a report from a local mechanic who offered an estimate of $6,500 to fix one of the vehicles. In October there were 23 reportable crimes, but in November there were only 13. He’s also working closely with other law enforcement departments to bring more training and safety programs to Dublin.

The Dublin Police Department is considering contracting out the dispatch services. Jennings has spoken to Erath County Sheriff’s Department as well as the Stephenville Police Department, which contracts out dispatch services to Tarleton PD already. However, Jennings said the cost was more than he was willing to pay, however, it would still save the city $70,000 per year. City officials recommended Jennings talk further with Bryant as the county deputies are on patrol near Dublin and offer backup.

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Councilman Layne Golden presented information on team building opportunities for both the city council as well as several city officials. He suggested sticking closer to parliamentary procedure and tightening up the cohesiveness of the council. Golden said he didn’t want to take away discussion, but make it more effective.

He continued suggestions by including department reports from city employees. Golden told the council he loved the reports, but felt instructing on those employees was this city administrator’s job. He felt it would help make the council and the city more efficient.

Golden also presented information on several properties within the city limits that need to be demolished. He noted that there is some money available from the EDC to help clean up these properties, but it would be in the form of reimbursement grants. The council discussed various options including roll-offs and grants. John Johnson told the council some of those options are unrealistic. The council agreed to look into options further.

In other business, the council approved the consent agenda and the minutes from the previous meeting. They also heard an update from Dublin City Administrator Nancy Wooldridge on the online bill pay for the city of Dublin, the time clocks and Workforce Solutions. Wooldridge has spoken to an estimated 20 other local and similar sized cities to compare services. She advised which programs were compatible with the current system.


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