A Letter from Stephenville City Councilman Jerry Warren


This letter to the editor was sent in by Stephenville City Council member Jerry Warren. It was also featured in his latest “Show and Tell” piece in the Stephenville Empire-Tribune.

The tax abatement approved by the city council on 12-14-15 for Hofbrau restaurant has been declared null and void. The SEDA board of directors had nothing to do with it and this is strictly on the council. On 12-10-15 city administrator, Pat Bridges, sent out an email informing the council that the abatement request would be on the agenda for meeting set for 1:00pm on 12-14-15. This email also contained the following: “Jeff Moore has indicated council can approve this type of incentive if you wish to do so”. Jeff Moore, attorney, is the acknowledged expert on Texas EDC matters. Email from Bridges to council sent 12-29-15 contained “Mr. Moore stated council could not authorize the expenditure of EDC funds w/o the request from SEDA to do so”. Go figure. Hopefully the SEDA board will soon hire a director that will go to work attracting industry etc that will lower Stephenville’s 27% poverty level. Next regular council meeting will be on 1-5-16 at 5:30. This abatement thing will be on the agenda for discussion. I encourage restaurant operators to attend.

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