A Letter from Stephenville Councilman Jerry Warren


The Multipurpose Center. Proponents of the center will promote this as something that a developer, a private entity, will come here and offer to invest in Stephenville to the tune of $26 million to build the center. The Developer will retain ownership but turn it over to the city to occupy as city sees fit. What may not be publicized is that the city will be obligated to sign a 20 year, or longer, lease guaranteeing to pay the owner around $770,000 per year. As planned the center would be in direct competition to businesses that have long been established in Stephenville. It seems to me to be counterproductive as to economic development and would do nothing to improve the 27% poverty level plaguing Stephenville. The proposed location is questionable to say the least.
Please let me know your thoughts on this as the push for the center is not going away anytime soon. — Show and Tell Jerry Warren

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