PHOTOS: Jackets, Bees earn championships



STEPHENVILLE (January 16, 2016) — Stephenville varsity boys and girls won championships in the Knights of Columbus Challenge of Champions Friday and Saturday at SSA Complex.

The Yellow Jackets were 5-0, playing to a scoreless draw with 5A power Waco University in the final before winning the championship in a penalty kick shootout, 4-2. Striker Aaron Veloz was named MVP, while stalwart Creed Noble earned the shutout in goal.

The Honeybees blew away Everman 8-1 behind hat tricks from strikers Skyler Chipman and Julie Morken. Chipman and striker Bayleigh Chaviers were selected co-MVPs, and Jordyn Howle was the winning keeper. They were 4-0 in the tournament.

Advertisement photos by JESSIE HORTON

Jackets KoC 4 Jackets KoC 3 Jackets KoC 1

Jackets KoC 3 Jackets KoC 4 Jackets KoC 6

Jackets KoC 5

Jackets KoC 7 Jackets KoC 26 Jackets KoC 25 Jackets KoC 24 Jackets KoC 23 Jackets KoC 22 Jackets KoC 21 Jackets KoC 20 Jackets KoC 19 Jackets KoC 18 Jackets KoC 17 Jackets KoC 16 Jackets KoC 15 Jackets KoC 14 Jackets KoC 13 Jackets KoC 12 Jackets KoC 11 Jackets KoC 10 Jackets KoC 9 Jackets KoC 8 photos by BRAD KEITH

Boys celebration

Boys celebration 02

Jackets KoC 2

Boys final 02

Boys final 01


Advertisement photos by BRAD KEITH

Honeybees champs

Girls Championship 01 Girls championship 25 Girls championship 24 Girls championship 23 Girls championship 22 Girls championship 21 Girls championship 20 Girls championship 19 Girls championship 18 Girls championship 17 Girls championship 16 Girls championship 15 Girls Championship 14 Girls Championship 13 Girls Championship 12 Girls Championship 11 Girls Championship 10 Girls Championship 09 Girls Championship 08 Girls Championship 07 Girls Championship 06 Girls Championship 05 Girls Championship 04 Girls Championship 03 Girls Championship 02


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