A Letter to the Editor from Stephenville City Councilman Boyd Waggoner


The letter to the editor was sent to The Flash Today by a Stephenville City Council member in response to another councilman’s public statements against the council and Waggoner specifically.


Dear Editor,

This is the response of Boyd Waggoner, Stephenville City Council, to a
political advertisement by Jerry Warren, also of the City Council,
which Mr. Warren paid to be placed in the Empire-Tribune on Sunday,
January 31, 2016, in which he accused me of participating in a “total
100% ripoff” of the city.

In that advertisement, Mr. Warren stated that my vote (and that of two
other council members) to pay a consulting firm to analyze and update
our subdivision ordinances (not updated in 25 years) was a “total 100%

My response to that accusation is that Mr. Warren was part of a
UNANIMOUS vote of the entire City Council at the final budget session
on September 1, 2015 (the minutes show him present and voting for it)
to get that update done and spend that money for it. We heard no
further objection from Mr. Warren after that vote 5 months ago until
he recently filed for the election to be held on May 7.

I wonder if Mr. Warren didn’t read the budget before he voted for it,
or couldn’t, or can’t now remember his vote, or whether he flip
flopped because he is running for re-election and wants to appear to
be a “budget hawk”.

You can find the minutes from the September 1, 2015 council meeting on
the city web site,
as well as the budget approved that night. Or you can email me at boydwaggoner@gmail.com,
give me your email address and
I will send you the relevant parts..

Boyd Waggoner

Stephenville City Council, Place 2.

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