Battalion Chief Randy Spikes honored, laid to rest

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Rain fell as if to mark the solemn occasion Tuesday when Stephenville Fire Department honored one of its own, retired Battalion Chief Randy Spikes, before he was laid to rest Tuesday at Lower Greenscreek Cemetery. Spikes, also a Tarleton police officer before becoming a firefighter, served the City of Stephenville more than 40 years and was bid a hero’s farewell by SFD, Tarleton PD, other departments and many family and friends.

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  1. I also grew up with Randy and his brother Lanny. I always thought we were cousins. We shared the same Aunt Emma but from opposite sides of the family. Lanny was in my same first grade class and Randy was just a year younger. His family moved to Stephenville when we were both young. We only got to see him during family reunions and when my family would visit with my Aunt and Uncle. Then we would run wild in the street and play in my Aunts cellar. We loved the cellar. Cool on a hot summer day and big enough for all the kids. It even had a telephone in it. How cool was that.
    Randy came to my son Jasons funeral in 2014. Jason was 39 and had a massive heart attack doing target practice. Randy came to Jasons viewing and funeral wearing his dress uniform. He looked so handsome. Jason had been a volunteer firefighter under Randy before work, and a wife and twin babies came along. He was always telling me things Sparky said or did. Now they are both in heaven talking about everything they used to do. Rest In Peace Randy. Your family will miss you. Mary

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