Wrecks on US 67 North include out of county DPS trooper, 18-wheeler

An out of county DPS trooper was one of the vehicles involved in two accidents east of Stephenville on US Highway 67 North Thursday afternoon. || TheFlashToday.com photo by RUSSELL HUFFMAN

TheFlashToday.com photos by RUSSELL HUFFMAN

ERATH COUNTY (March 10, 2016) — Two vehicles hydroplaned off a roadway and two others collided in an accident, incidents occurring in close proximity to one another approximately 6-7 miles east of Stephenville on US Highway 67 North Thursday afternoon.

An 18 wheeler and a pick up truck appeared to hydroplane off the roadway, while a car and Texas Department of Public Safety SUV collided nearby. The DPS trooper was not from Erath County, but was passing through while returning from a funeral.

Erath County EMS transported multiple patients to the Stephenville hospital, but their conditions were not immediately available at the time of this report. The Selden and Erath County Volunteer Fire Departments both responded and provided aid at the scene.



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