SISD awards most roofing bids after one final curveball

SISD Trustee Cole Gilliam Parks asks a question while trustee Scott Osman listens closely during a discussion concerning roofing bids during a called board meeting Monday at Bond Auditorium. || photo by BRAD KEITH

Local contractors encouraged to bid on final two projects


STEPHENVILLE (March 28, 2016) — The process of awarding bids for roof repairs needed at Stephenville ISD since the destructive storms of May, 2015 was thrown for another loop this past week when trustees were informed one local contractor may have inadvertently disqualified itself from consideration.

By speaking to trustees at a regular meeting on March 21, Slawson Roofing, Inc. violated rules of the bidding process, according to an excerpt of those rules that SISD Board President Dr. Ann Calahan read aloud to trustees and those in attendance at a called meeting Monday.

The board did, however, have a simple solution, calling to re-open the bidding process for the roofing of the administration building and the concession stand beside James T. Young Baseball Field. This gives Slawson Roofing and other local contractors another opportunity to bid on these projects, while the board moved forward with the awarding of bids for larger projects. It’s always important to look for a reputable roofing contractor, such as Denver roofing services, or other similar local contractors. Opening the process to biding allows the client to be selective and find the best deal for their needs.



All the approved bids are shown on this table (click link), with the understanding that Base Proposal No. 1 – the administration building – and Base Proposal No. 11 – the concession stand – are not included.

BRI Roofing and Tri-Lam Roofing were approved for two projects totaling almost $1.5 million Central Elementary School, while Anchor Roofing and Tri-Lam Roofing will be doing about $2 million of work on two projects at Chamberlin Elementary School.

Anchor will also be doing more than $200,000 in roofing at Gilbert Intermediate School, more than $500,000 at Hook Elementary School and will combine with Tri-Lam to do more than $750,000 in roofing at Henderson Junior High.

Base Proposals No. 9 and No. 10 – Stephenville High School – went to Heritage One for for than $1.2 million. Anchor and BRI still received the largest total value in bids, worth about $4.8 million and $2.3 million, respectively.

Board members, Superintendent Matt Underwood and Director of Maintenance Keith Starnes all reiterated their dedication to local business and vocally encouraged local contractors – with body language directing their comments to Joe Don and Shelby Slawson, who were in attendance – to submit, or re-submit, bids for the administration building and concession stand.

The deadline for roofing at each of the classroom campuses remains firmly set for August 20, Starnes said.


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