McDanel’s strategy has always been about listening to the people he serves


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STEPHENVILLE (April 8, 2016) – Russ McDanel is a new grandfather and he doesn’t have to look any further than his lap when he explains why he is again seeking election to the Stephenville City Council.

“It’s for my grandson and all of our kids and grandkids here in Stephenville,” McDanel said. “We are at a crossroads with major needs in our streets, infrastructure and economic development. We need proven and dedicated service to our citizens.”

McDanel was a major proponent in Stephenville’s purchase of a water well field, which many believe will be able to address the city’s needs for many years to come.

“Economic development means we need to retain existing employers, attracting new business and industry so we have higher paying jobs and commerce. We want to stay on track and keep property taxes low,” McDanel said.

Newly reelected Mayor Pro Tem Russ McDanel, left, receives a congratulatory handshake from Mayor Kenny Weldon. || RUSSELL HUFFMAN/
Following his election as Mayor Pro Tem Russ McDanel, left, receives a congratulatory handshake from Mayor Kenny Weldon. || RUSSELL HUFFMAN/

As Stephenville’s Mayor Pro Tem and a council member the past eight years, McDanel has focused on supporting public safety. McDanel worries his opponent Carla Trussell isn’t fully aware of the details and responsibilities associated with being a council member.

“My esteemed opponent obviously cares about her community,” McDanel said. “However, she is citing Stephenville spent $1 million on studies and that’s wrong. This comes when other council members have written letters to the editor providing that figure wrong. There is a big difference between a study and completing work the city must have done.”

McDanel has spent a good deal of time learning the ropes of being a councilman and, additionally, has attended Stephenville’s Citizens Police Academy Class last year. He is also currently attending the 2016 Leadership Stephenville Class.

“Getting out into the community and finding out firsthand the needs of our citizens has always been my strategy,” McDanel said. “That’s why I welcomed the opportunity to attend the classes offered. We as a council need real information and data that support the decisions we make. Those who have watched me know I have a proven conservative record geared toward the best possible community services and a low tax rate.”

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  1. I am a registered Democrat, and don’t live within the city limits; therefore, I cannot vote for Russ. However, I think he is the best candidate for this position, has a proven track record, and I am supporting every way I know how. Russ, thanks for the tips, and the sign!

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