More than 100 from Tarleton honored for academics, community service

Hailey Roberts is one of 128 Tarleton students honored for academics and community service. || Couretsy Dr. CHET MARTIN


STEPHENVILLE – April 6, 2016 marked the 29th celebration of National Student-Athlete Day. The National Consortium for Academics and Sports (NCAS) created the day to honor the outstanding achievements of student-athletes. Tarleton had 128 student-athletes qualify for the award by earning a 3.0 GPA or higher while engaging in community service.

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The following are Tarleton student-athletes that are recipients of the award:

Robert Bagley Baseball – Men
William Blanchard Baseball – Men
Samuel Scott Baseball – Men
Zachary McCown Baseball – Men
Daniel Bogue Baseball – Men
Trevor Inman Baseball – Men
Cody Nitson Baseball – Men
Garret Kizer Baseball – Men
Ryan Flynn Baseball – Men
Stacy Heinatz Baseball – Men
Collin Scribner Baseball – Men
Hunter Seales Baseball – Men
Zachary Freeman Baseball – Men
Forrest Perron Baseball – Men
Matthew Herrick Baseball – Men
Hunter Houston Baseball – Men
Jacob French Baseball – Men
Jaring Damstra Basketball – Men
Da’Rhon Mitchell Basketball – Men
Ivan Tevis Basketball – Men
Jacob Morales Basketball – Men
Raven McGrath Basketball – Women
Bailey Wipff Basketball – Women
Shelby Mankins Basketball – Women
Brooklyn Garcia Basketball – Women
Morgan Ashmore Basketball – Women
Shelby Drews Basketball – Women
Peyton Heinig Cross Country – Men
Audrey Shelton Cross Country – Women
Thomas Paschal Football – Men
Cody Burtscher Football – Men
Kyle Snell Football – Men
Derek Kiser Football – Men
Zed Woerner Football – Men
Colin Snell Football – Men
Dalton Vondra Football – Men
Justin Reasons Football – Men
Isaac Arellano Football – Men
Patrick Wisener Football – Men
Cooper Cole Football – Men
Dondrei Williams Football – Men
Zachary Henshaw Football – Men
Andrew Blackshire Football – Men
Tyler Pettit Football – Men
Darion Lewis Football – Men
Brandon Moore Football – Men
Basil Jackson Football – Men
Trenton Gow Football – Men
Chase Varnado Football – Men
Joseph Gillespie Football – Men
Kason Fornes Football – Men
John Hinton Football – Men
Hunter Baca Football – Men
Brayden Coverdale Football – Men
Nick Prestwood Football – Men
Dakota Hesskew Football – Men
Ronald Reid Football – Men
Kendall Adams Football – Men
Larry Osterman Football – Men
Andrew Cole Football – Men
Tate Stavenhagen Football – Men
Kerbey Kipp Golf – Women
Casey Wild Golf – Women
Isabel Jimenez-Perea Golf – Women
Dylan Willett Outdoor Track – Men
Alyson Coughlin Outdoor Track – Women
Haley Dennard Outdoor Track – Women
Haley Anderson Outdoor Track – Women
Tylo Farrar Outdoor Track – Women
Marissa Westbrook Outdoor Track – Women
Amanda Wheeler Outdoor Track – Women
Andrea Ibe Outdoor Track – Women
Ariel Ballard Outdoor Track – Women
Danyelle Dillard Outdoor Track – Women
Roxana Hernandez Outdoor Track – Women
Alexondra Brooks Outdoor Track – Women
Robbie Clarke Outdoor Track – Women
Alexandra Fuselier Outdoor Track – Women
Mia Henry Outdoor Track – Women
Avery Mullendore Softball – Women
Delaney Wayland Softball – Women
Melody Mayse Softball – Women
Amanda Conner Softball – Women
Kaitlyn Thomas Softball – Women
Rebeka Allen Softball – Women
Taylor Fitzgerald Softball – Women
Mikayla Stogsdill Softball – Women
Haley Freyman Softball – Women
Katelyn Conlee Softball – Women
Savannah Stech Softball – Women
Shelby Hedrick Softball – Women
Alyssa Ringhausen Softball – Women
Erika Richarme Tennis – Women
Elena Preadca Tennis – Women
Taylor Porter Tennis – Women
Ashleigh Elward Tennis – Women
Jordan Jones Track – Men
Tye Doty Track – Men
Cade Hitzfeld Track – Men
Stefan Campos Track – Men
Grant Russell Track – Men
Matthew Kerzee Track – Men
Art Hernandez Track – Men
Cameron Milligan Track – Men
Brandon Lacy Track – Men
Cameron Krc Track – Men
Rascellis Williams Track – Men
Luke Scribner Track – Men
Christopher Wilkes Track – Men
Austin Castanon Track – Men
Randall Kadlacek Track – Men
Andrew Clark Track – Men
Meaghan Brown Track – Women
Kayla Bryant Track – Women
Autum White Track – Women
Macaele De Vries Track – Women
Elizabeth Vaughn Track – Women
Kara Bickham Track – Women
Ashley Johnson Track – Women
Mia Jones Track – Women
Arianna Stegall Track – Women
Kamrynn Schiller Track – Women
Hannah Patterson Track – Women
Macie Walker Volleyball – Women
Adrianna Knutson Volleyball – Women
Cassandra Cutbirth Volleyball – Women
Abby Mackey Volleyball – Women
Megan Umbel Volleyball – Women
Emily Medlin Volleyball – Women
Jennifer Mendez Volleyball – Women
Julianna Hicks Volleyball – Women
Marissa Banda Volleyball – Women
Chandler Gow Volleyball – Women
Hannah McManus Volleyball – Women
Rebecca Schlorff Volleyball – Women
Hailey Roberts Volleyball – Women

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