Stephenville’s newest restaurant focused on quality, consistency

Caamano's are bringing an island feel with great food

Jann and Kayleigh Caamano are Stephenville's newest sign of economic growth as they start their new adventure which includes turning the old bus station into Stephenville's newest restaurant.


STEPHENVILLE (May 8, 2016) — Kayleigh and Jann Caamano are hard at work realizing their dreams as they begin remodeling the former Stephenville bus station into an island-style location destined to tickle your taste buds.

Last week the couple was celebrating their start after receiving a special use permit that will also allow them to serve adult beverages at the location.

“It doesn’t seem to fit,” Kayleigh nervously laughs as she tests some new keys to the front door. “The next key doesn’t fit either.”

Luckily the keys she has are copies and she and her husband are still learning what key fits which lock. Soon the correct key is found and together they step into a building that was a hub of excitement for many years.


The Caamanos are hoping to create that same kind of buzz with wood-fire pizza, Cuban sandwiches, salads and more. It will be food with both taste and flair as Jann’s brother, Carlos, is also part of the venture and is a graduate of the prestigious Le Cordon Bleu school of culinary arts.

They are leaving Austin to realize their goals in Stephenville, and for Kayleigh it’s a homecoming as she returns to the area she knows and loves. Kayleigh is the daughter Peggy and the late Bud Jones, who was an area icon for his sports journalism and photography in Stephenville, De Leon and Brownwood.

Kayleigh’s happy to be home and even happier she is realizing her dreams with Jann.

“This is something we have wanted to do for a long time.” Kayleigh said.

Stephenville's former bus station has set empty for a long time, but's about to start a new use as a restaurant.
Stephenville’s former bus station has set empty for a long time, but’s about to start a new use as a restaurant.

Together they survey a portion of the building and discuss what might work on this wall or in that corner. The discussion drifts toward possibly having stained concrete floors.

“We want to have a wall of photographs that show the history of the building,” Kayleigh said, “We both think that’s important and we hope if the word gets out maybe some people would like to share memories they have.”

When it comes to the menu, Jann said to be ready for your taste buds to expect the highest quality followed by consistency, which are big in his mind.

“We are going to have the best possible quality of food and we will do the shopping to ensure that happens,’ Jann said. “Consistency is so important. When you order your favorite food you want it to have all the qualities you love each and every time.”

The atmosphere is still growing and is slated for an island feel with a drink lineup that will be more than your everyday margarita. Citing a lack of beverages that cater to ladies, the Caamanos want to add some flair and choices when it comes to something to accent their food.

Caam’s is a possible name for their new restaurant: however, that hasn’t quite been set in stone yet. The painting, scrubbing and remodeling is under way, though, and Stephenville will soon have another choice for its lunch and dinner dining.


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