Tarleton’s Rec Sports to install synthetic turf on lower intramural fields


STEPHENVILLE (May 25, 2016) — Tarleton State University this summer will replace natural grass on the lower recreation fields with Speed S4-M Series synthetic turf from UBU Sports®. Completion is expected in time for the start of the fall semester.

UBU Sports® is the premier manufacturer and supplier of synthetic turf systems that optimize performance and improve safety. Tarleton’s new synthetic surface will be the same as that enjoyed by NFL teams such as the New York Giants, New York Jets, Houston Texans and Denver Broncos.

The $2-million project calls for the installation of a 140,000-square-foot (3.2-acre) synthetic turf field, covering most of the former football practice field—located northwest of the Recreational Sports Center and sand volleyball courts—at the intersection of Rome and Frey streets.

“This is an exciting project that has been a dream of mine for a long time and something I think our students will really enjoy. These fields will allow for greater flexibility in programming for the increased needs of our club sports and intramural participants,” said Daron Trussell, associate director of Tarleton Rec Sports. “We have seen tremendous growth in club sports over the last three years, and this will allow those clubs to host games and tournaments on a field that is as good as any in the nation.”

The synthetic turf field will better accommodate Tarleton’s increasing student population and subsequent increased interest in recreational sports on campus. The university has 17 sports clubs, six of which will use the field on a regular basis, including soccer, rugby, flag football, softball and lacrosse.

“This field complex will give us more flexibility and increased playability; we no longer have to worry about weather canceling games,” Trussell said. “Everybody’s excited, and I hope this will be the model for what we do in the future.”

The playing surface will be marked to accommodate multiple sports, including two regulation-size flag football fields, one softball diamond and one FIFA regulation-size soccer field, plus markings for both lacrosse and rugby. The main playing surface—the western-most field being marked for soccer, lacrosse and rugby—will incorporate a large university logo mark in Tarleton purple at mid-field. Included in the project will be a quarter-mile running surface surrounding the turf fields.

This rendering illustrates the various field markings that will be included on the new synthetic turf intramural fields adjacent to Tarleton State University's Recreational Sports Center.
This rendering illustrates the various field markings that will be included on the new synthetic turf intramural fields adjacent to Tarleton State University’s Recreational Sports Center.

“I am most excited to see how our students react to this new addition when they return in the fall. This truly will be a great addition to our recreational sports program and to the Tarleton campus,” Trussell said. “We plan to open the new turf fields at 1 p.m. weekdays for students to practice with their intramural or club team and for those who want to work out or go for a run.”

The project also calls for the installation of semi-permanent bleacher seating for 265 spectators along the west side of the field. Bleachers will be installed in the berm that delineates the lower intramural field from the upper field where Rec Sports will continue to host athletic events on natural grass fields.

Four light standards will be erected at each corner of the newly surfaced field to allow for nighttime games, and two wireless scoreboards will be installed—one each on the north and south sides of the field. The entire area will be enclosed by a four-foot fence and include areas for spectators during events where simultaneous games are played.

According to UBU Sports®, the Speed S4-M Series features a slit-film fiber and mixed rubber/sand infill to ensure a fast, safe and durable playing surface. Drainage perforations allow water to move quickly through the turn and into the drainage system. The ISO Grid system contributes to consistent playability throughout the field—an important feature for soccer—while the exclusive multiple layer ARMOURWEAVE backing system ensures dimensional stability and long-lasting seams. A secondary backing also ensures fiber retention.

UBU Sports® is a leading brand of synthetic turf surfaces for use in a variety of sporting events, including football, baseball, field hockey, soccer, rugby and lacrosse. The manufacturer’s fields serve as ground gear for teams ranging from professional franchises, collegiate and major indoor arena leagues to high schools and municipalities. UBU Sports® incorporates science and technology into each surface, creating the ultimate ground gear for athletes.

“We understand that Tarleton State is committed to providing students with amenities and a college experience that is second to none,” said Dan Collier, vice president of UBU Sports®, “and that includes the highest quality synthetic turf available to enhance their recreational sports experience. We’re proud to partner with such a great institution.”


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