County prepares to work on bridge, other roadways when weather clears



ERATH COUNTY (June 1, 2016) – Rainwater took out several roadways in Erath County including County Road 156, where the bridge has been closed by the Texas Department of Transportation.

According to Erath County Commissioner Joe Brown, Precinct 3, the bridge, which is less than a mile south of Morgan Mill on CR 156 and in Pct. 3, sustained major damage in the recent flooding. He said the bridges in Erath County roadways must pass inspections by TXDOT and when the bridge on 156 was inspected Wednesday morning, inspectors advised it had to be closed until further notice.


“We already had cones out here because the damage was extensive,” Brown said of the inspection results. “TXDOT said the bridge should be closed officially and drivers would have to find alternate routes around. A full inspection will tell us if we are repairing this bridge or replacing it, but we’ll need better weather for that.”

In addition to the high number of repairs, Brown said these are unbudgeted for repairs and replacements the county will now have to cover. With more rain predicted this week, county officials are facing a number of area roadways and bridges and culverts with major damage due to flooding that will need repair in the near future.

Tuesday area rivers, creeks and lakes were pushed to the max with widespread flooding causing damages in Dublin, Lingleville, Morgan Mill, Bluff Dale, Stephenville, Hico and more. There were more than 10 high-water rescues in Erath County alone on Tuesday afternoon and evening and first responders are preparing for more as the weather doesn’t show signs of letting up.


County commissioners, including Brown, are working around the clock to ensure residents get to safety when necessary and to get roadways passable again.

“County crews are working closely with first responders to make sure roads are passable and safe and drivers have every warning possible when those roads aren’t (passable),” Brown said. “We ask all residents and local drivers be aware of cones, caution tape, signage and other means of blockades on dangerous roadways and follow all safety instructions.”


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  1. My opinion and experience with mr Brown. Yes remember his words”after the weather clears” and money county doesn’t have “. to mr Brown that could mean a yr. wonder what his rd looks like. If they fixed it right the first time this would not happen. There are company’s that garentee their roads and wk for years. So disgusted with his broken promises. So how do people get to there homes and live stock. Maybe we should camp
    Out in his yard with all are critters till the bridge is repaired.

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