Tarleton announces zone changes to commuter, residential parking lots


STEPHENVILLE (August 19, 2016) — Tarleton State University’s Parking Services Department has announced several zone changes to campus parking lots ahead of the fall semester, which will affect both residential and commuter students.

In addition to zone changes, the university is paving two new parking lots and expanding Lot P39 to create approximately 200 spaces for residential students. Nearly 2,000 parking spaces are now available for commuter students in designated Purple and Green zones.

Commuting students can get information about parking availability on campus by subscribing to Mozeo text messaging service, which will provide alerts when parking lots become full or spaces become available. Text keyword “OscarP” to 24587 in order to enroll in the Mozeo text messaging service and receive parking updates.

Campus parking maps are available online at www.tarleton.edu/campus and on the Tarleton State University mobile app.

As in the past, all residential students are required to use Red Zone parking lots, or park in the open Green Zone lots; commuter students may park in Purple or Green Zone lots, and faculty and staff are assigned to Blue Zone lots.

Lot P20 South, west of Memorial Stadium and the football field house, has been converted from Purple Zone (commuter) to Green Zone (all-zone). Lot P30, at the intersection of Lillian and Washington streets, is now designated Red Zone (residential). Lot P17 (Purple Zone), south of Wisdom Gym, has been expanded into the adjacent P16 (Red Zone) lot to create additional spaces for students commuting to campus.

The majority of commuter student parking is now located on the campus perimeter, which is part of Tarleton’s master plan to create a safer, pedestrian friendly campus core.

To improve campus access and safety from Green Zone lots (P25, P34 and P34 South) near the baseball and softball fields south of Washington Street, the Texas Department of Transportation is installing a new traffic signal and pedestrian crosswalk at the intersection of St. Felix and Washington streets. TxDOT expects to have the new traffic signal and crosswalk functional prior to the first class day, Aug. 29.

New sidewalks along Washington Street near the Horticulture Center and Cecil Ballow Baseball Complex provide pedestrian access to the new crosswalk. Although not yet completed, additional sidewalks will be installed north of Washington Street and along St. Felix Street to provide students with safer access from the new crosswalk.

New parking lots designated as Red Zone (residential) are expected to be completed by mid-September. New this fall will be:
• Lot P43, east of Integrity Hall at the intersection of North Lillian and Shirley streets (96 spaces);
• Lot P44, north of Venture Apartments at the intersection of Cain and Jones streets (34 spaces);
• an expansion of Lot P39, west of the tennis courts at the intersection of West Tarleton and St. Felix streets (24 new spaces), and
• Lot P45 (Red Zone), adjacent to Traditions Hall South, 39 spaces for residential students.

Parking Services will provide golf cart shuttles during the first two weeks of school to transport students from P20 North and a temporary pick-up/drop-off point at the new crosswalk to University Park (south of Honors Hall). The university has discontinued shuttle bus service.

Sodexo, Tarleton’s Dining Services partner, plans to stage its food truck near University Park to offer food and beverage during the first weeks of class.

Following is a complete list of parking lots and color zone designations:
• Residential / Red Zone – P3, P4, P9 (north-end), P16, P22, P23, P24, P28, P29, P30, P31, P31-A, P31-B, P32, P33, P35, P36, P39, P43, P44 and P45.
• Commuter / Purple Zone – P17, P20 North and St. Luke’s Lot.
• All-Zone / Green Zone – P9 (south-end), P20 South, P25, P34 North, P34 South and P41
• Faculty-Staff / Blue Zone – P1, P10, P11, 13, P14, P15, P18, P19, P21, P26, P27 and P37.
• Visitors / Yellow Zone – P2, P12 and P36.

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