Sheriff, Commissioner searching for leads in illegal dumping case



ERATH COUNTY (August 29, 2016) – Just after 9 p.m. Saturday, county officials received a report of illegal dumping. And while it is usually dirty work cleaning up after this type of crime, this mess was particularly awful.

According to Erath County Sheriff Tommy Bryant, the suspects dumped approximately a dumptruck load of beer cartons, beer bottles and cans, red solo cups and other party trash all along County Road 194 in Erath County Commissioner Joe Brown’s Precinct 3.

“It’s just so frustrating,” Brown said. “I mean how do you put a costs on your family picking up someone else’s trash, even their spit cups, because they dumped it all in the road? These folks couldn’t even get to their homes or out of their places because of the glass and other trash in the road. It was ridiculous really.”

Brown, his sons, a grandson, landowners near the area and two members of his county crew spent two and a half hours Saturday night cleaning up the mess as the roadway was so overwhelmed with debris it was impassible. He said three county deputies were on scene and collected some evidence, but no identifying information was immediately found.

And now they are asking the community for their help.

“We’re asking anyone who might know something or who might hear something from their friends to contact the sheriff’s office at 254.918.3318,” Bryant said.

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