Frazier, Jackets come back to top Snyder

Cameron Frazier scored the game winning touchdown on a one-yard run and also hauled in a 37-yard scoring pass Friday. || photo by RUSSELL HUFFMAN


STEPHENVILLE (October 28, 2016) — Stephenville wiped out a 21-7 deficit Friday night, scoring 25 of the final 32 points to knock off Snyder, 32-29, and secure a top three finish in 3-4A Division I.

Cameron Frazier scored the winning touchdown on a one-yard run out of the hammer-time goal line set with 7:23 remaining in the game, and the defense made the final stands necessary, including in the final minute when Snyder was backed up inside its own 10 inside a minute remaining.

Frazier also caught a touchdown pass from Easton Jones, who then rushed for a nine-yard score as Stephenville turned a two-touchdown deficit into a 21-21 tie over the final half of the second quarter.


Snyder jumped back on top on a 22-yard sweep for a touchdown followed by a two-point conversion with 5:38 left in the third, and it took Stephenville just three minutes to pull closer, cutting it to 29-24 on a 35-yard Jake Gillispie field goal with 2:11 left in the period.

Then the Stephenville defense did just what it did for the bulk of last week’s win over Big Spring and the entire second half of a homecoming victory over Graham – went into shut down mode.

With Snyder unable to score again, Stephenville took advantage, finally taking its first lead – the only one it would need – midway through the fourth.

Snyder struck first before Krece Nowak evened it up with an 11-yard run, only for the Tigers to immediately retake the lead with a 75-yard kickoff return for a touchdown. Snyder led 21-7 after a 22-yard run on a sweep before the Yellow Jacket comeback began.

Stephenville, already playoff bound for the 28th time in 29 years, visits Abilene Wylie at 7:30 p.m. next Friday in a game loaded with district seeding implications. Stephenville can still finish as a district co-champion and take the top playoff seed with a win and by taking the lead in tie-breaking scenarios, while Wylie, the only team without a loss in 3-4A Division I, could still finish as low as the three seed with a loss and a disadvantage in the tiebreakers.

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