Council axes nonresident fee at public library


Flash Staff Report

STEPHENVILLE (November 7, 2016) – Stephenville’s community services aren’t just for city residents. Jeremy Allen, deputy city administrator, said that fact recently led to the elimination of one of the only remaining non-resident fees in the city.

Allen said council member Carla Trussell encouraged the council to axe the nonresident fee at Stephenville Public Library, where county residents were previously charged a rate of $15 per household to obtain library cards.

The issue received the full support of the city council.

“This was one of the final (nonresidential fees) of the many implemented by past administrations,” Allen said. “By eliminating the nonresident fees from the library, Splashville, recreation programs and SPARD leagues, we are encouraging county residents to take advantage of Stephenville’s community services.”

He also said nonresidents have participated in the city’s programs for years and the council and staff didn’t believe the additional fee outweighed the advantages of their participation.

“Council and staff want to send the message that Stephenville is home for all and programs and services are available for the same cost or lack of charges in some cases as a Stephenville resident would get,” Allen said.


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