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ERATH COUNTY (January 15, 2017) – For anyone out there that may not already know, the Relay for Life is an event to raise money for the American Cancer Society.

Relay for Life originated in 1985, when a surgeon, Dr. Gordon Klatt, from Tacoma, Washington, decided to raise money for the American Cancer Society. Dr. Klatt passed away in 2014.

The following paragraph is taken from Wikipedia:

In May 1985, Dr. Gordon Klatt, a colorectal surgeon from Tacoma, Washington, decided he wanted to raise money for the American Cancer Society. Because he enjoyed marathons, Klatt walked around the track at Baker Stadium at the University of Puget Sound in Tacoma, Washington for 24 hours. Throughout the night, friends paid $25 to run or walk 30 minutes with him. He walked approximately 83 miles and raised $27,000 for cancer research. Nearly 300 of Klatt’s friends, family, and patients watched as he ran and walked the course. After this event, Klatt thought about how other people could participate in a similar event in their own community. He recruited a small team of people to host the City of Destiny Classic 24-Hour Run Against Cancer.

Guest speaker Christin Pack and Shelley Gilliland at the January Relay for Life Team Captain’s Meeting.  Pack served as a caregiver for her late sister, Courtney Eakins.  Eakins lost her battle to cancer in 2014.  Pacl told the guests at the meeting about the bravery that was displayed by her sister during her battle with cancer.  She emphasized the need to find a cure for this terrible disease. || Flash photo by DAVID SWEARINGEN

Over the years, it has evolved into a widely accepted event that all types of people can participate in.  Athletes (walkers and runners) are always welcome.  But, this event is a great opportunity for everyone to participate in no matter what your physical condition.  Today, the event is all about raising Cancer Awareness and the need for funds to continue the search for a cure.  Participants are encouraged to raise money alone or with a team.  Once again, the Relay for Life is all about raising money for a terrific cause AND having a great time while doing it.  Honestly, if walking is not your thing or you are unable to walk comfortably, a participant does not have to do any walking at all.  Just help raise money and have fun!

You can participate in the Relay for Life event as an individual or on a team.  Either one is good but you could probably raise more money as part of a team.  And, most people seem to prefer to be on a team.  You can go online and visit your local relay website and click Join This Relay to begin registration.  Or, you can call 1-800-227-2345 for additional registration options.  Please contact Shelley Gilliland at if you have any other questions about how to get started.  Shelley is the Event Lead for the  Erath County Relay for Life.

The actual event which will signify the completion of this year’s campaign will be held on Friday, May 19, from 6 p.m. to midnight at the Tarleton State University Intramural Fields.  These fields are located near the intersection of Frey Street and Harbin Road, close to the TSU football stadium.  There will be all kinds of fun and activities during the event and teams will continue to hold fundraisers during the ongoing event as well.  The public is definitely welcome to attend.

If you have not already started, come on Erath County, let’s all get behind this wonderful cause.  Please consider making a donation.


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