Letter to the Editor


Residents of Stephenville,

As voters prepare to go to the polls, two issues are at the forefront – a proposed $26 -$50 million civic center and the proposed $16 million East Side Sewer. As we consider these two projects, it is imperative that we have council members who ask the tough questions and take a fiscally conservative approach.
I have found that most citizens have little information on the East Side Sewer. It is an extension of our sewer system and does not replace most of our aging clay pipes. The city applied last year for state aid for this project, and has reapplied this year. I think we have put the cart before the horse. We should have applied for funds to replace all our aging clay pipes before we even considered building additional lines to parcels of land that may or may not eventually be developed.

While the idea of a civic center is exciting, I would like the community to understand that this can only happen by raising their taxes. All civic centers operate in the red and citizens will have to pay for not only the initial construction costs, but yearly operational and maintenance costs. I believe the civic center should go to voters for an up or down vote.

As a CEO, Doug Svien is a financial expert and looks at the numbers and asks the questions that need to be asked. Doug has demonstrated an ability to mine the city budget and successfully reduce expenditures.

Sherry Zachery can always be counted on to research important matters before the council. Recently, Sherry was the impetus behind researching the city’s options regarding the Proctor Pipeline. After researching the matter, it was her suggestion that we might be able to actually sell some of the water and recoup some of the ever-escalating yearly costs.

It was Rhett Harrison who insisted that the city staff investigate other options in repairing the College Street Bridge. His insistence saved over $200,000.

Nick Robinson has a decade of local business management. A fiscal conservative, Nick has actively researched city issues and brings insight and experience that will be a valuable asset to our city.

To keep your taxes as low as possible, to support fiscally conservative spending, and to elect candidates who prioritize needs above wants, please join me in supporting these worthy candidates.

Carla Trussell
City Council member
Stephenville, Texas

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