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Dear Editor,

I have known Doug Svien for 20 years. I can tell you, without reservation, that Doug is a trustworthy individual and can attest to Doug’s honesty, integrity and dedication to the sacred trust of the voters as a council member. As a council member, he fully recognizes the immense responsibility he has in helping build a continuously improving City that is responsive to the needs of it’s citizens.

I am sure that many residents received a letter from Doug within the last couple of days and I would strongly encourage you to read every word of that letter. Everything in that letter is 100% accurate. In Doug’s campaign material, he outlined some specific reasons as to why he is asking for our votes in the upcoming election. However, Doug did leave out a few things in his letter that are important and should be shared with the voters. Doug has brought to the council a financial and budgeting expertise and perspective over the past six years and has helped facilitate team work within the council. In one councilman’s opinion, Doug has helped the council in making good decisions by encouraging the members to constantly consider various alternatives and the necessity of keeping open minds. Doug has worked hard on reducing debt and encouraging the practice of paying off debt early. This is a vital strategy which few people understand the benefits that inure to the taxpayers.

In coming years, there will be some real challenges coming down the road for this council to tackle. It is going to require some innovative and bold thinking. It will also require people with vast experience in life and business. Doug Svien has those life experiences and thrives on innovative thinking. I have full confidence that Doug’s concern is, has been and will continue to be in doing what is best for the citizens of this great place we call home. I know he will continue to serve the council with the same passion he has exhibited over the past six years. So, please join me in supporting Doug Svien for election to the Place 3 Stephenville City Council seat.

Thank you,
Rex Wisner

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