Mark McClinton

Mark McClinton

My name is Mark McClinton and it has been my pleasure to have served the past two years as the Place 1 Council representative. The pathway leading to that position would have been impossible to predict. After graduating from Texas A&M University, I moved to the metroplex and worked several years with an investment banking firm. My graduate study was Ag Economics Finance and it seemed like a good fit. I discovered quickly that I am not “indoors” person but worked to pay back the investment J.W. Gant had made in me with a little interest added in. During those years I pondered where I would wind up calling home. I had no ties to Erath County or Stephenville but knew the town and liked it. Twenty nine ago I moved to Stephenville and began working on the rest of my life. I met my wife Robin and her sons in Stephenville and over the years the boys have blessed us with six amazing grandkids. That decision to move to Stephenville turned out to be the best one I’ve ever made.

I have worked in the dairy industry since moving to Stephenville for individual operators, service companies and for the last twenty years a large dairy family. My day to day responsibilities include facilities management, bid review and analysis, maintenance and retirement scheduling, construction oversight and material purchasing. My skill set from work translates well to council responsibilities. Many similar issues exist in both jobs and the size of projects and scope of work is very similar also.

Two year ago our church was involved in an effort to do “local” mission work. One suggestion to implement the program was to have congregants become involved in local government. I accepted that challenge to help discover the local needs that our church could address. Robin and I talked about the opportunity and decided I would run for a city council position. We have paid for two election campaigns out of pocket and all compensation received from the city has been returned to the community through charitable donations. I have paid for all city sponsored events I have attended as well. My intention has always been to serve independently not beholding to anyone and to serve without burdening the taxpayers of Stephenville.

I vowed two years ago to investigate each issue before the council as thoroughly as possible and to base all decisions on relevant experience tempered with common sense. I have to the best of my ability delivered on that promise. I have said before in this campaign and continue to maintain that it has been an honor and privilege to serve the residents of Stephenville.

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