Letter to the Editor


Dear Editor,

A vote for David Baskett is a vote to remove Jerry Warren’s unprofessionalism from the council. Jerry has proclaimed he will resign if Baskett wins. This after also publicly commenting on David Baskett’s weight and hating “the idea of sitting next to 300 or so pounds of pure ego”. If Jerry Warren is more concerned about who he has to sit next to than making the correct decisions for the City of Stephenville, his priorities do not include the citizens of Stephenville. Warren’s promise to resign if Baskett wins shows citizens that he and some he supports are less concerned with the future of Stephenville and more concerned with the immediate attention that a promise to reduce taxes gives them. If Jerry sees he is going to have to fight harder for what he wants because his friends aren’t there to make it easy, he would rather just not try. Beware of a promise to lower taxes. Lower taxes today saves money today but could leave the next generation to pay for issues that were ignored in the name of saving you a few dollars. Vote for progress. Vote for decency. Vote for Jerry Warren’s resignation. Vote for David Baskett.

If you agree, don’t sit on the sidelines quietly. Speak Up!
Ricky Thurman

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